When you browse our website, you remain anonymous. However, when you sign up as a user of our services and gain access to the client portal, you are asked to provide a username and password for future access as well as an e-mail address and to accept to be contacted by us for marketing purposes.

We may collect the following data:

  1. Identification data including name and surname, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, citizenship, identity card, or passport information, tax identification number, US taxpayer status for FATCA purposes and contact information;
  2. financial information including source of funds and source of wealth and where we are required to assess the appropriateness of a financial transaction; your knowledge and experience of trading, information on your employment or professional status and your education and qualifications;
  3. data relating to transactions, your instructions and communications regarding trades in financial instruments, brokerage account data e.g. opening of account details, personal life information to determine if you are a politically exposed person in terms of anti-money laundering laws
  4. user log in details for our website, telephone recordings of conversations as required by law; telephone number, verification of caller’s identity and transaction related data;
  5. Data to enable us to determine whether you are a person subject to legal sanctions, or court or tribunal or regulatory authority orders and disclosure of personal data when this is required by law, to any court, tribunal, administrative or regulatory authority.
  6. We may use publicly accessible sources such as: Google and other search engines, online and other media e.g. newspaper articles, to search for criminal convictions records, any penalties you may be subject to, your regulatory status, sanctions and embargoes list, and to generally carry out Know Your Customer Due Diligence.


We may collect information about you indirectly from other sources including our own systems and records regarding the use of your brokerage account, any joint account holders, your service providers e.g. banks and payment providers in so far as your instructions and communications regarding transfers to us are concerned. Where a customer provides us with information regarding another individual, s/he should ensure that the individual concerned is aware of this disclosure and the customer is responsible for ensuring that s/he has the necessary consent to disclose information to us.


Mandatory information

Where information is mandatory in order for us to provide you with a requested service, we shall inform you of the consequences of failure to provide such information.